“This is the type of film that seems to be artless... It is simply mind-blowing.” Hammer to Nail review, by Mike Ryan

“Razor sharp and genuinely sensitive, with a flawlessly authentic, heartbreaking performance by central thesp (sic) Jeff Clark... a text-book case of how a solid script and great perfs (sic) can transcend the lowest of budgets.” Variety review, by Russell Edwards

“…a profound meditation on the blurry line between faith and self- deception.” Spout review

 “...suggests the possibility for a new cinematic genre.” The Washington Post, by Anne Hornaday

“Wellness was shot on the super-duper low budget side but clever camera work and excellent use of radio mics make you forget that... a classic tale of American struggle and woe." Film Threat review

 “… a chaotic and entirely engrossing example of desperate capitalism... Mahaffy, an acclaimed filmmaker, has created a brutal yet hilarious depiction of a man-on-a-mission.” SXSW program guide, by Matt Dentler

“Grim and beautiful, Wellness will have even the most entrenched cynic hoping against all logic for a happy ending.” AFI program guide, by Jon Korn

 “Wellness walks a tricky line between hope and denial with an unrelenting eye toward truth that can make viewers squirm with uneasy laughter even as they glean insight into the desperation on society’s fringes.” Starz Denver, Denver film society program guide
“… a savage deconstruction of the American Dream set in the murky world of pyramid selling schemes.” Edinburgh catalogue copy, by Rod White

 “Jake Mahaffy’s second feature ensures his stature as a unique American filmmaker.” Cinevegas program guide, by Mike Plante

 “… Wellness, won the Grand Prize at SXSW this year, and its emotional, political and spiritual themes only become more relevant by the day.” Filmmaker Magazine, by Scott Macaulay

2008 Grand Jury Prize winner – Dramatic Competition at SXSW, 2008 IFP Gotham Awards – Best Undistributed Film Nominee, 2008 Grand Jury Prize winner – Newport International Film Festival, 2008 Best Film and Best Actor winners – DiBa Barcelona, World Premiere: 2008 International Tiger Competition at Rotterdam, SXSW Film Festival, Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Munich International Film Festival, CineVegas Film Festival, Seoul Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Nantucket Film Festival, Newport International Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, Moscow Tomorrow Film Festival, Denver Starz!, Torun International Film Festival, Milano, Digital Barcelona, Flanders Ghent Film Festival, Viennale, Ljubljana, Off-Camera Festival, AFI Film Festival, New Hampshire, Charlotte, Lisbon Village, Chicago Underground, and others…...

Wellness is about a man trying to succeed in a business that doesn’t exist. This micro-budget, independently-made feature film follows Thomas Lindsey’s last three days with the fictional ‘Wellness Corporation’, as he prepares for a large investment seminar in an old Pennsylvania town. Working closely with Paul Stubbs, the Wellness ‘business unit manager’, Thomas hurriedly and desperately develops his personal sales strategies, enlisting attendees for his seminar. By Sunday, the day of the seminar, Thomas has invested everything he owns in Wellness and only has six dollars left to his name, but has still not received the shipment of product or sales materials he ordered. It is only by his profound faith in the promise of Wellness that Thomas, left alone without any evidence of the product, carries on with his sales seminar empty-handed.

United States / 90 mins / 2008